21 Jun

IWB Brampton Chapter. Networking and Inspirational Leadership Event

Hosted by: International Women In Business


My Dear Friends and Associates, Fabulous Brampton People.
Great news! You are invited to join us June 21 for an exclusive private gathering of IWB Chapter in Brampton – Immigrant Women in Business. Enjoy a few exciting hour of Networking,
Education and Empowerment!

We strive to welcome all – especially important place for immigrants. (Both genders are welcome). IWB specializes in integrated multicultural joint ventures that help organizations, governments and private corporations engage and connect with Canada’s diverse ethno-cultural communities.

This is the opportunity for you to partner closely with some amazing business high-achievers and industry leaders. It is our honor to offer a platform that celebrates, uplifts and empowers women who have risen above adversity as a motivation to assist others in their community to create positive changes.
As so many women have been following the path of Entrepreneurship, we want to focus this years theme on “Building a Brand”.

In 20204 will be featuring a panel of some popular business women sharing their stories, tips and tricks for prospective entrepreneurs. “It is a privilege to recognize Women who have been influential in the Women Empowerment movements, ” said Aziza Zareh, Founding Member of IWB.
“We look forward to connecting influencers, entrepreneurs and women at our monthly events. 6.00pm: Effective networking, lead generation, and mentor mentee match
6.15pm: Inspirational Speeches by Leaders, Activists, Speed Networking
7:00pm – Charmaine Williams, Brampton Councillor ‘My Community”
7:05pm – Kacy Chohan ‘Determination, Dedication and Diligence’
7:10pm – Shirin Ariff ‘How to building meaningful relationships”
7:15pm – Elohor Bou ‘Lead to Inspire and Empower Via Example!’
7:20pm – Evangelist Blessing U. Ajayi ‘Need for spirituality in business’ Charmaine Williams, Brampton Councillor ‘My Community” Some may find it surprising it took this long to see a black woman on Brampton’s city council, but that’s not what

Charmaine Williams is dwelling on. “I want to dwell on the fact that we made a change,” says the behavioural therapist, mother of five and newly minted councillor for ward 7 and 8. “Moving forward I know the residents of Brampton are going to start looking at the qualities of the candidates,”

Kacy Chohan ‘Determination, Dedication and Diligence’
Kacy Chohan, TESL – Academic English Professor & TV Show Host, Multiple Awards Winner, MA, MA, MA – Applied Linguistics – TESL, Brock University, ON

Shirin Ariff How to building meaningful relationships”
Shirin empowers others to discover the keys to being true to themselves and being their own North Star. Her approach helps her audience find peace and balance in their lives..

Dayana Stanislaus ‘Life is about making an impact, not making an income’
Entrepreneur, Influencer for a Positive Change, Coach, Fashion Model, Media and Human Resources.

Elohor Bou ‘Lead to Inspire and Empower Via Example!’
“Elohor is deeply passionate and committed to Inspire, Encourage and Empower women to become leaders in their communities. See is performance-driven, persuasive financial leader”

Evangelist Blessing U. Ajayi ‘Need for spirituality in business
Glorious Women of Wonders Prayer Ministry is working diligently at serving Brampton community and nation at-large by encouraging and empowering women, youths, and people from different denominations through programs implemented by Evangelist Blessing, with the support of team leaders in commitment and love

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